Production Testing/Frac Flowback

Enseco is committed to providing the best quality production testing services for our customers. Our professional and committed staff are trained to operate safely in all testing environments while using highly specialized and up-to-date equipment.

Production Testing equipment consists of high pressure separators designed to seperate fluids.

Our production services product line includes a large fleet of quality built p-tanks ranging from 6m3 to 60m3 capacities, frac flowback, in-line testing, bleed offs, stimulation recovery, sour service capability, portable and skid mounted configurations, zero ground disturbance flare stacks and office trailers, flow lines rated to 10,000 psi, and vessels rated from 200 to 1,440 psi.

Well Stimulation Frac Flowback Services

Well Stimulation Frac Flowback Services is the business of flowing back wells during and after the process of fracturing. During this process, all the fluids; Oil, Water, Sand, Gas (N2 or CO2), which were initially injected into the well to improve permeability are now flowing back to surface. Our separation equipment which has been rigged into the well head now separates and sorts out the injected fluids and eventually the well effluent (reservoir oil and gas). These liquids are shipped accordingly: gas to flare or pipeline; waters to storage tanks; and oil to separate storage tanks. It is at this time when the formation fluids are produced that production testing is required for the exact measurement of the fluids. These measurements are essential in the decision process and future of the well.

Oil _ Gas Production Testing

Oil _ Gas Production Testing involves precise measurements of oil and gas production from an existing or new well. The data gathered is critical in determining the viability of the well and is of upmost importance if informed decisions are to be made. The data consists of: gas rates, water rates and oil rates. It is this information that determines the economics and production capabilities of the well.


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