Directional Drilling

Enseco's Directional Service Line brings to the industry the most current and up to date technology with in-house innovative proprietary technology upgrades. Our team of industry leading professionals has a "customer centered" focus. With a high level of experience in the planning of directional wells and expertise in operations, the major thrust is to deliver a consistent high quality of service. This is backed by our commitment to our preventative equipment maintenance schedule.

Enseco Energy Services offers an extensive line of drilling tools and services: performance drilling motors, measurement while drilling tools (electromagnetic, negative and positive pulse, LWD – GR, AP and resistivity measurements), well planning and directional modeling – torque and drag, BHA design, anti-collision analysis, and in-house repair and manufacturing.

Performance Drilling Motors

Our skilled directional drillers and reliable technology provide the control needed to drill a well correctly and efficiently.

475 7826 Drilling Motor475 7838 Drilling Motor  I  650 7833 Drilling MotorI  650 7848 Drilling Motor  I  650 7850 Drilling Motor I 800 6750 Drilling Motor I  800 7840 Drilling Motor9625 6750 Drilling Motor


Measurement While Drilling

MWD measurements transmitted while drilling provide our team of highly qualified field technicians with directional surveys and drilling specifications aiding in reliable and efficient wellbore decisions. These measurements include directional surveys, natural gamma ray measurements, drilling specifications and annular pressure.

E-Link Transmitter   l  Negative Pulse Transmitter   l  Directional Sensor   l   Enseco Edge MWD System  l  Enseco Edge Motorized Pulser  l  Gamma Sensor


The Enseco Energy Services’ state of the art Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Repair and Maintenance Facility in Leduc, Alberta has been operational since April 2011. Our highly skilled MWD technicians have made a number of significant improvements to the MWD downhole tools since this time, resulting in dramatically better success rates in the field.

Drilling Motor Facility

In June 2012 Enseco Energy Services’ Motor Repair Facility in Leduc, Alberta became operational. The Repair Facility provides the capability to internally repair motors, resulting in the ability to control the repair and maintenance service quality and cost of our drilling motor fleet – it has improved efficiency and reduced downtime. The facility is staffed with some of the industry’s top motor technicians. A top of the line breakout machine ensures that connections are not missed in the rebuilding process with correct specifications. Customer tours of the facility are available upon request, please contact Enseco Energy Services today if this is of interest to you.

Well Planning

Enseco’s Engineering and Well Planning team have an average of 15 years’ experience each, contributing to the company’s vision and values by creating cost effective, reliable wells. Working together in-house with a 24/7 rotation, the team consistently plans and executes successful wells across North America. Amongst other things, our team provides top-notch trajectory designs, bottom-hole assembly analysis, torque and drag exploration, hydraulic plans, and surface location optimization.